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Drop Bear/Ultramarine Express (Download)


Release Date: 15/08/2014

"In January of 2014, whilst touring Australia on foot, our Pedestrian encountered the mythical ‘Drop Bear’. A vicious and rabid descendant of it’s cuddly younger brother, the Koala. Until this year such creatures were believed to be an outback myth and have been filed amongst the Loch Ness Monster & The Yeti as nothing more than old wives tales, but Pedestrian’s new release is irrefutable evidence that such a beast exists. It is only by narrowly surviving an attack from this deadily animal that such sonic frequencies have been able to become documented.

Following the encounter, Pedestrian dashed (on foot) to a DJ shop in Melbourne where expert ‘Drop Bear’ hunter, Professor Phil K was to hear about the near fatal meeting with the furry fiend. There and then Professor Phil began to make his notes via the medium of a nearby Korg Volca Bass. Word had spread and anxious reporters were calling the shop looking for leads (or cords) but Phil was peaking, lost in a world of Acid. Finally he had a lead on the creature he’d been hunting for his whole life and by no means was anyone calling up looking for cords going to get in his way.”

Early DJ support from Midland, B.traits, Martyn Justin Martin, Breach, Serg Clone, Locked Groove

Also available on 12-inch vinyl HERE.

Drop Bear 6:32 €1.29
Ultramarine Express 7:28 €1.29
Drop Bear (Tin Man Lovers Acid Remix) 6:34 €1.29