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James Zabiela

The Healing (Download)


Release Date: 10/12/2012

James Zabiela’s debut release on his long-awaited label is announced. ‘The Healing’ is released on December 10th with the strongest of remix packages. The legendary and much loved Hot Chip lead the way with Midland, Gang Colours and Club Root in addition. James also contributes his own ‘85’ re-edit. The original is a beautiful and expansive piece of music with vocals from James.

The Gang Colours remix will be given away as an exclusive download, easily the dreamiest of remixes on this package Gang Colours delivers a cinematic take on the track. Hot Chip made their mix almost entirely live; with signature HC drive it still retains a strong nod to James’ original. Midland recorded his onto cassette tape for added warmth and crackles on the line; and for those not yet turned onto Club Root this atmospheric mix carries far further than his so called ‘bass’ routes…

Also available on 12-inch vinyl HERE.

The Healing 5:33 €1.29
The Healing (Zabiela's 85 Remix) 5:16 €1.29
The Healing (Hot Chip Remix) 7:58 €1.29
The Healing (Midland Remix) 7:30 €1.29
The Healing (Clubroot Remix) 6:30 €1.29